Kotel Painting

A universal favorite….the Kosel! How real is the greenery that frames the old stones. The emotions pouring out of these men are tangible. Coming to the Kosel to pray and kiss the Wall is a true dream of everyone. This painting is made from oils where you can see the intricate care that was taken to create this scene of heartfelt prayer come to life. The delicate blend of oils creates a scene that words alone cannot describe.

Here you can have that dream come true in your very own home wherever you live.  You can enjoy its beauty on the original oil painting on canvas or a giclée on paper or canvas. More


Bar Mitzvahs Wedding Invitation by Chava Roth

Invitations By Chava RothLet your invitation reflect the warmth of your Simcha with an original fine art piece designed especially for you by the renowned artist Chava Roth.

Each unique design or portrait is reproduced onto your invitations, thank-you notes, benchers, etc. It is also a framable and sizable work of art for you to hang and cherish for years to come.

“Ideal for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and Weddings.”

For further information, please contact us.


Jerusalem scene of School girls

school girls - judaica fine artA typical morning in Mea Shearim will look something like this,

Chava Roth brings this to life in her magnificent art work….

This specific art work of Chava Roth’s collection shows Mea Shearim girls on their way to school in the morning… You see boys as well in the background… The wall with all the posters on it also gives us such a perfect picture of what Mea Shearim really looks like… More

I feel like blogging about….Chava Roth’s Meanings

YerushalmiChava Roth’s Meanings

 Pleasure and Meaning.  In the visual arts they are equally essential.  The pleasure of looking at an object, its contours, colors, texture and subsequent visual excitement is fundamental to engaging the viewer.  Lacking visual enjoyment and complexity a painting, drawing or print will quickly lose the interest of the viewer and they will move on to a more rewarding visual experience.  And a rewarding visual experience is the foundation of ascertaining the meaning of a work of visual art.  Whatever the meaning, it must unfold slowly, though the pleasure of following complexity of composition, color and surface.  If you get it instantly, you are looking at an illustration, simply a superficial visual sign, not a work of art.  Chava Roth’s current exhibition of paintings and watercolors at the Chassidic Art Institute offer us both pleasure and meaning in decidedly unexpected ways. More

My art licensed for Pathmark Jewish Calendar 5771 Cover

Chava Roth Art Featured on Pathmarks 5771 Jewish Calendar:

Pathmark-Jewish-Calendar Cover - Art done by Chava Roth

Pathmarks new Jewish Calendar for this year – 5771 Came out just before Rosh Hashana, With the cover featuring our very own Chava Roths Art!!! More

JudaicaFineArt 25% off All Isreali Paintings



Judaica Fine Art


Judaica Fine Art

JudaicaFineArt.com Offers Exquisite collection of Judaica oil paintings including Judaica still life oil paintings and Israeli Scenes still life oil painting.

Add a feeling of Jerusalem to your home, With Chava Roth’s special touch these painting really are something special!

Experience… Exquisite paintings  that touch the soul Within the contours of the  canvas, the artist’s brilliant  renderings go straight to the vitality and depth of Jewish life. More